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Businesses around the world have one thing in common; promotion. Over the years technology has given businesses new ways to bring their products and services up front to their customers. Let's consider the newspaper, which has proven to be rather expensive. If the company had enough money, they would promote on newspaper and magazines. If a company were featured on the front page of a magazine, you just knew they were successful and were bringing in the big bucks

Now, the newspaper and magazines seamlessly has been fading. Allowing video promotion to become the number one option businesses choose to promote their new product and services.  Ayiti Verite has made it possible for business owners to focus more on the operation of their company. We at Ayiti Verite create the commercial and promotion part of the business. Contact us today and save on our new friendly commercial prices. 
Commercial Advertising
Business Consultation
Group Seflie
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  • Attracting new customers
  • Keeping current customers happy
  • New product roll out
  • Updates
  • Marketing 
  • Promotions 
  • Technology integrations
  • Time and duration
  • Progress tracking 
  • Modification 
  • Success
  • Support


  • History counts
  • Your successes have to be documented and saved in the right location that is accessible by authorized users
  • Ayiti Verite specialist offers knowledgable 


We believe you can start a company with zero dollars to your name. It all depends on your willingness and readiness to be successful. 
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