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Business Development
Starting your own company. 
Starting your a company might be a nightmare to a lot of us. But nothing is worst than getting started with your business idea, and hit the wall of destination, which will determine if you go forward with the business idea or find yourself at a crossroad without a compass. 
Open For Business
That's where Ayiti Verite comes in. No need for a cape, we're regular folks who helps entrepreneurs reach the next level in their start of a new business. We know the stress, the requirements, and how demanding a new company can be at times. After a one hour business development consultation with one of the representatives at Ayiti Verite, you'll understand where to go, and gain your freedom to move forward with your business idea and scheduling your grand opening date. 
Business Consultation
Consultation Results


-Attracting new customers
-Keeping current customers happy
-New product roll out
-Technology integration
Strategic Planning


-Time & Duration
-Progress tracking


-History counts
-Your successes have to be documented and saved in the right location that is accessible by authorized users. 
-RMS specialist offers knowledgeable solutions. 
We believe you can start a company with zero dollars to your name, at all depends on your willingness and readiness to be successful. 
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