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Do not miss out, we'll consistently keep you updated with business insights and technology updates. Your awareness and readiness is our job to keep you running a smooth operation without head aches or setback. 

The latest updates for Apple is out, make sure your IPhone, IPad, and Mac's fully updated. Each updates requires certain amount of disk space to download the update. Troubleshoot your photo's, your old text messages, old contacts and do a back up before you download the latest updates.
Microsoft just purchased LinkedIn, and its going viral. How can this affect your LinkedIn account? Your privacy? Is it a good move for the stock holders? What new features to expect for LinkedIn? excited to find out the new feautures and the benefits. Stay tune. 
What are the risk to buying second hand/used technologies online or a pawn shop? The best price does not mean the best choice. Do not risk your information, privacy and business. 
Startup Team
Business Insight
Staying relevant dictates the success of your company. find out what your customers likes, loves, and dislikes about your company.  Ayiti Verite uses the collected data into will practice, and display profitable results. 
Helpful business practices. 
PPS is the most valuable to have in the foundation of your company. It promises many success stories for your company. Contact us "RMS" today, Your success awaits!
Technology Insight


Is your company equipped with the technologies it needs to be successful? 

Key analyzations:

-What's the average time to cash out

-How often does my technologies crashes

-Can I afford another system failure

Ayiti Verite focuses on saving you money and keep your company running. Contact us

Tech Tips.


You already faced with the equipment failures, delay service to your customers, long line of cash outs, and outdated technologies. 

Contact Ayiti Verite today and get honest, realistic, and practical tech solutions from a tech consultant. We'll work with your business, and will make sure your business is more than one step closer to your success story. 

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