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Small businesses often get mixed in the bunch of businesses who provides the same minimal customer service to their clients and associates. My company is primarily focus on businesses who puts more values into their clients,  associates, products and provides the best services. These businesses treats each transactions as an opportunity to create a lasting relationship with their customers, associates and business partners. It's important to separate yourself from the mix bunch and be excellent. Your business is your image and your success story is what separate your business from the rest. 
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Secure the success of your business through strategic planning. All cost can be monitored and all return on investment can be calculated. Ask how.  RMSG

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What you do and how you get the latest product & service info to your customers, makes a world of a difference. The longer you wait, the longer you hold your company from moving forward. 
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Never buy anything for your business if you won't see a short time return in your investment. 
Something to have in mind. Your town supports small business starts up. Stop waiting for the perfect time. If you do nothing, and take no actions, you will never know whats the perfect time. #Getmoving
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